Build your first app

Distribute your first Sigma app

Bundle your app

Once you are done with the app, you probably want to “bundle” it, so the app is easy to distribute to other Sigma users. You can also add a license or make an installation file (Sigma Package). Go to the Distribution page to read more about this.

  1. Start by saving your source code by going to File > Save as.. > File… and select a location for your .pas-file:
  2. In the AppScript editor go to the Tools pane and click “Create add-in bundle”.
    In the dialog hit the “New” option:
  3. Next, fill out the forms and press Next:
    The ID can be auto-generated by clicking the small three dots.
  4. Now we want to add our source code-file (the .pas-file) by pressing INS or right-click in the dialog and choose “Add files…” in the menu. Locate the .pas file and add it to the list. When the file is in the list as below, click Next to continue the wizard:
  5. In this last window you should now select “Build” and afterwards select where to save the bundle-file (.sigmabundle file):
  6. Finally enter a random password, which is used for the encryption, and press OK:

Good job! You have now made a build of your first Sigma App and can now quite easily send the .sigmabundle file to others, so they can use your Sigma App in their own installation.

If you are hungry for more, we recommend you to take a look at our library of Sample Codes. We’ll continuously extend the library with samples of various levels.

In order for other Sigma users to execute your app (.Sigmabundle-file), just drag the file directly in an open Sigma windows.