Build your first app

Let us show you the basics on how to build your first Sigma app!


The following pages teach you how to build your first 3rd part application for Sigma (Sigma App). You’ll learn how to create a “Hello World” project with the build-in AppScript editor. Finally, you’ll learn how to bundle your new app, so it can be distributed to other Sigma users without allowing them to access your source code.

This tutorial will in very few steps guide you through the following phases:

Once you have managed to create your first Sigma App, we’ll recommend you to look at some of the Sample Codes in order to get an even better understanding of what other things you may archive with AppScript. AppScript can be used for so many cases and we tent to categorize into two types:

  • Tools: A Sigma App that does something with the Sigma file. That could for instance be updating some specific rows or exporting the data to e.g. an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Integrations: A Sigma App that can interact with a 3rd party system. Usually the connection is established via a webservice like REST.